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Codexplain is a simple - not to say rustic - tool that allows you to build a visual explanation of your codes, project, ideas... While computer scientists swear by UML descriptions, it is worth noting that for many persons, and scientists in particular, this is a bit split-hairing, since the relevant informations and ideas of a general scheme are not always well captured into formal UML diagrams. In most scientific fields for instance, the core of the concepts - which is potentially clear and well defined ! - is rarely preserved by the huge, sloppy, disorganized spaghetti-code written by the former PhD candidate who left the group. The powerful formalism of UML does not apply well to these cases and does not appear as a good way to provide to a new person a clear idea of the aforesaid bunch of code. Codexplain has been built as an alternative tool for such a case.

Codexplain has been tested with Chrome 55 and Firefox 50, and is not designed for mobiles. No subscription is needed. You can save a project on your own machine for later use or to share it with other persons.