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Examples - The Torus

In this game you manage an exploration crew aiming at completing the first round-the-world trip, in order to prove an ancient astronomer's theory. The world is of arbitrary size (eventually much more larger than what you could explore in your life) and procedurally generated. The game includes some elements of strategy for ressources management and seasons anticipation (summer/winter).

It was originally designed as an entry to the PyWeek22 challenge . The world generator uses a noise generator that improves Perlin noise in terms of performances (see this article for more informations ).

The game is written using ThorPy (included in the game) and needs Pygame and NumPy to run. It makes an heavy use of CPU for generating world, and some configurations have been reported to crash... Different versions are avalaible for download:
Full python version (musics are the heaviest part): TorusFull.
The git repository can be found at